AMF Enterprises Pvt. Ltd is a transparent young company providing highly competitive, faster and professional services in the fields of trading, distribution and consultancy. We meet business challenges innovatively and pride ourselves in responding to our customers’ problems in current volatile markets.
Our primary objective is to bring food products of premium value from manufacturers of superior quality commodities around the world, and bring innovation and excellence into the import market of Pakistan by providing FMCG of supreme grade to the local businesses as well as general consumers.

Latest News

Vasilissa Honey: Iconic and uncompromisingly delicious Vasilissa uses the Greece’s highest quality honey to form exceptional luxurious taste and nutrients-filled benefits!
Chalo Chai Latte: This unique fusion of Chai Latte has been brought from Belgium for the Tea Lovers of Pakistan. The four deliciously warming flavors of Masala, Cardamom, Lemongrass, and Vanilla are here to enhance your experience of Chai Latte.
Bee Brothers: Bee Brothers’ offers honey spreads, available in amazing honey with cocoa, honey with cocoa and banana, and honey with strawberry. Enjoy them with toast. It has no artificial flavours, GMOS, and no palm oil. It’s gluten free and made with all natural ingredients
Perseus Avocado Oil & Butter: Good News for all who care for their health. The highest grade of organic Avocado Oil & Butter has been brought from Spain especially for you.
Avocado Pearls: These exclusive Avocado Pearls are obtained from our Perseus Extra Virgin Avocado Oil. It creates a unique and incredible sensation when it explodes in mouth & enhances any product that goes with it.
Bfresh: Bfresh lemonade arrives from Greece with manifold health benefits and scrumptious flavour. It’s mildly pasteurized, low in calories, 100% organic and sweetened with stevia plant. It will overwhelm you with Spicy Lemonade, Lemonade with ginger and Pomegranate with green tea.

About Us

AMF Enterprises Pvt. Ltd is the brainchild of Mr. Asim Mushfiq Farooqui who established this organization for bringing an ingenious and pioneering concept in the trading business.

CEO Profile

Mr. Asim Mushfiq Farooqui is the dynamic CEO of AMF Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, with 20+ years of diverse business experience. He was the founding member, sponsor and director of Dewan Mushtaq Group of Companies, now known as Yousuf Dewan Companies.

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We deal in all kinds of trading, especially Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) to fulfill the requirements of today’s rapidly growing market.
We import and distribute Exclusive Edible items of Premium Quality from all over the world.

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