Asim Mushfiq Farooqui


Mr. Asim Mushfiq Farooqui is the dynamic CEO of AMF Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, with 20+ years of diverse business experience. He was the founding member, sponsor and director of Dewan Mushtaq Group of Companies, now known as Yousuf Dewan Companies.

Prior to AMF Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, Asim Mushfiq Farooqui has worked for heterogeneous zones and a variety of niches from Banking Sector, Auto Assembling, Textiles Polyester, and Acrylic Fiber Manufacturing to Sugar Manufacturing. He was held at eminent leadership positions in the corporation for his remarkable managerial and organizational expertise, along with an optimistic, determined and ambitious perspective. He also received an award for the best management practices from the Management Association of Pakistan.

He has a fervent desire for persistently learning and improving, and constantly strives to gain advanced knowledge for further improvement and progress. He has enthusiastically attended numerous workshops, training & development sessions and has also traveled worldwide to expand his learning endeavors. The specialized operations management course that he took in South Korea gave him extensive intellect on Zero-Defect Management, Quality Control Circle, and Visible Management System. He also took comprehensive training for Supply Chain Management from Japan. He applied and executed all this astuteness into his managerial and directorial practices in the functions of Training & Coaching, Supply Chain, Operations Management, and Lean Manufacturing.

Mr. Asim Mushfiq Farooqui is a strong believer of the Social Enterprise and actively believes in the overall welfare and improvement of the society which boosts mutual commitment, environment-friendly locale and each individual’s wellbeing. AMF Enterprises Pvt. Ltd is the practical embodiment of what he aspires for. As a business savvy entity, he reads between the lines and comprehends the complex business ideas. He has never been afraid of trying diverse ideas, and his affection for innovation is the ultimate hallmark of his persona. He is thus, rightly called the “Walking Paradox of Business Fashion”.

His strong track record of optimum performance and his successful research, planning and implementation deliverance for various projects and programs within the group makes him highly suited to take this new venture well on its road to success.
As a strategist he played an integral role in developing the Enterprise Resource Program (ERP) and new strategies, and took an intellectually divergent approach to introduce the management Information System (MIS) for the IT department of the entire group which was successfully implemented under his guidance.

He has earned an MBA degree from USA and strives to set a significant example of finer performance and admirable accomplishment by entering and successfully empowering the untapped business sectors of Pakistan.


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