Our Stretagic Objectives

Remunerative Growth

One of the prime reasons of AMF’s existence is to generate viable and lucrative growth in ever adaptive and vying corporate arena in order to create substantial opportunities, and to maintain a cardinal position in the industry.

Traverse Openings

AMF is introducing salubrious food products and diversifying existing product portfolio thus meeting litmus test to be known as pacesetter.

Sustainable Business Philosophy

Gleaning strength and sagacity from our heritage has enhanced our performance with an everlasting passion to serve stakeholders in better ways.

Adore & Retain Talent

Our credo is “Entice the best of best talent and nurture them through burgeoning career opportunities.”

Perceived Awareness

Our consistent and continued efforts to act as a catalyst set forth as a move to engender the concept of “Healthy Lifestyle”.

State-of-the-Art Pursuance

Desire to get accolade, AMF is eager to bring proficiency in all consortium while steering at technological advancement and being savvy in all spheres for the benefit of not only our organization, but for the greater cause of bringing improvement in our society as a whole, for collective progress.

Brand Identification

Being primitive, AMF strives for establishing distinct yet credible brand name in the business galaxy.

Trend-Setting Leadership

Our top management tries to prove mettle in diverse endeavors proliferated by strong character and commitment.




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