Perseus Avocado

Perseus Avocado Oil and Butter

Perseus is a premium brand of food products in Spain, which produces Avocado Oil and Avocado Butter from the finest quality of organically grown Avocados. These products are of deluxe quality, and their delicate and exquisite eminence comes from the careful and rigorous selection of avocados. These soft and fresh products provide a unique aroma to each of your dishes. Perseus Avocado Oil and Butter are ideal for cooking or using with a wide variety of foods such as white meats, fish, seafood, fresh salads and desserts.

Perseus Avocado Oil & Butter is made in Spain, and AMF Enterprises Pvt. Ltd is the exclusive importer of this product in Pakistan. For any queries regarding this product, kindly contact us at

Health Benefits of Avocado Oil & Butter

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