Avocado Butter Chili

Perseus Avocado Butter is made from Chili infused Perseus Extra Virgin Avocado oil using an exclusive, original recipe. Its most remarkable qualities are its emerald green hue and delicate, fruity Avocado flavor. Avocado butter melting in your mouth is a truly memorable and unique experience.

  • Product of Spain.
  • Rich source of Omega 3, 6 and 9.
  • No Trans-Fats.
  • Cholesterol Free.
  • No Preservatives.
  • No Additives.
  • No Coloring.
  • Numerous Health Benefits.
  • Rich source of Vitamins (particularly Vitamin E).


Avocados are considered a Superfood, as nutritionally speaking, they are one of the most complete foods. They are a great natural source of oleic acid, vitamins (particularly Vitamin E) and Omega 3, 6 and 9. They are high in chlorophyll, minerals and antioxidants; all highly beneficial for a healthy body. Avocado oil products have a smooth, subtle flavor to enhance any dish they are used in. Enjoy the remarkable avocado flavor with a hint of hazelnut.

It is perfect for dressing or cooking of sea food dishes, fish or white meat, salads and desserts to enhance the experience of tasty, clean and healthy eating.

Perseus Avocado Butter is made in Spain, and AMF Enterprises Pvt. Ltd is the exclusive importer of this product in Pakistan. For any queries regarding this product, kindly contact us at info@amfenterprises.com.pk


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